a taste of HD

calibrating insight in the form of an audio recording from yasmin Marrero

awareness opens us up to the guidance system that lives within us.
is there something that you are currently feeling stuck around? or perhaps you are looking for clarity on how to navigate a certain situation? with a taste of HD i can give you access to the guidance you need based on my insightful interpretation of your unique Human Design* (HD).
the way it works: below you provide me with one question around something you are currently wrestling with (emphasis on currently) and your exact birth information. i will email you to set up payment exchange and ask any clarifying questions. 48-72 hours after i receive your payment, i will provide you channeled insight based on what i see in your HD chart in the form of a recorded audio message!this is for someone who is not looking to understand HD or how to interpret their chart, but would like some guidance and new self-awareness based on an assessment that describes them. if you would like to go further or have FAQ, check out more info below the form. if you are ready to dive in, drop your information below!please note: 1. you must have your birth time, date, & location to pull your exact chart; 2. you will receive the audio recording via email 48-72 hours after payment has been received.exchange cost: sliding scale of $75-125 based on privilege & access*

frequently asked questions here*

you're all set!

you're in!
look out for an email from yasmin@iamyasminmarrero.com in 24 hours for further instructions! sending you care & power.